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Wholesale Green Boston Glass bottles for oils with Lids

Volume: 15ml,30ml,60ml,120ml,250ml,500ml
Pcs/CTN: 240
Service: silk screen,hot stamping,frosting,label,printing color and others
Port :Lanyungang,Shanghai,Ningbo

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Green boston glass bottles made of strong and stylish green glass, the beautiful cobalt green not only looks good, but also protects your bottle from any harmful ultraviolet rays.It can be fitted with different LIDS to achieve different effects.It holds fluids such as aromatherapy essential oil mixtures, essential oil mixtures, cosmetics and perfumes, laboratories and chemicals.

Green refined oil bottles are the perfect size to fit all your needs, whether you're traveling and traveling, or stored in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinet, these spray bottles will fit in the right amount not taking up your space.A 15ml Boston bottle, for example, is more suitable for travel.He has many different specifications to bring convenience to your life.

Capacity Neck Size Pcs/box Weight/pcs Height/pcs Diameter
15ml 18-400 540 27.1g 6.8cm 2.5cm
30ml 20-400 360 46.1g 7.8cm 3.3cm
60ml 20-400 240 55.5g 9.4cm 3.9cm
120ml 22/24-400 128 107.9g 11.3cm 4.9cm
250ml 22-400 60 165.9g 13.9cm 6.1cm
500ml 28-400 60 241.2g 16.8cm 7.5cm

It's very simple to use.Remove the lid and pour in the liquid you want to hold. When pouring, please try not to spill out, so as not to waste.When you're done, put the lid back on and seal.Our products are airtight, so you don't have to worry about the leakage of your cosmetics.You can also clean the bottle and reuse it after using it.Not only save money, but also environmental protection.It is a great gain as You can use and enjoy the benefits of a high quality product over and over.

Our company has screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, label, printing color and other processes, we will perfectly copy the pictures you provide, to ensure your satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please contact us.Our salesmen will be at your service wholeheartedly, and we hope to conclude a pleasant business with you.


A variety of lids to choose from, and covers are all high-quality to ensure a tight seal.

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